Athletes deserve punishment too

Bobby Clark

Athletes have been known over the years to get away with committing crimes. One of the most recent examples of this is the Ray Rice situation where he abused his wife in an elevator. Rice has not gone to jail or trial hearings, but he has been removed from the NFL. Since this event he has also been reinstated back into the NFL and is able to play.

If a normal American citizen had hit his wife, that person would have seen jail time. Rice on the other hand did not see any punishment for his actions.

They have also gotten away with possession of drugs as well as driving while intoxicated. Normal citizens would go to jail for doing the same actions, but these famous athletes just get a slap on the wrist and more TV publicity.

These athletes are normal citizens and should be treated that way. If an athlete gets caught with drugs or driving while drunk they should receive the same punishment that a regular citizen would receive.

They receive special treatment just because they are well known and it is wrong. Several athletes in recent years have been caught using drugs and all that happens to them is they receive a few game suspension and then they are back to playing in games and getting in trouble.

They do not actually receive any punishment so they don’t learn anything and often go back to doing the same thing.

The solution to this is actually punishing these athletes the way they deserve. Just because they are famous does not mean they should be exempt from the punishment. If an athlete got caught with drugs they should be sent to jail just like a regular citizen would. They should also be suspended from the NFL for at least half a season.

Celebrities and athletes should receive the same treatment as normal citizens. They should not be immune to certain things because they are famous. If a normal citizen were to do the same actions, their punishment would be way more severe.