Atlanta Soars Onto TV

By Nathan Gamble


Atlanta is a great TV show that mixes comedy and drama in a real world Atlanta setting, that is written by Donald Glover, Atlanta first aired on Sept. 6 2016, stars Donald Glover as Earn, and is rated TV-MA. Atlanta is on every Tuesday at 9:00 P.M. on FX.



Atlanta stars Earn as a middle class citizen trying to make it into the music business. The show goes from serious to funny in a matter of seconds. For example two scenes are very dark: the police brutality and the shooting. Then it goes to a very lighthearted scene of fellow inmates making fun of each other while in a holding cell.


Atlanta also takes references from pop culture. One scene features Paper Boi, played by Brian Tyree Henry, where he is in a diner and opens up a box of glowing fried chicken, which references the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, a classic movie. Atlanta also has great character dynamic between Earn and Paper Boi.


I would highly recommend watching Atlanta. It features a good sense of humor, a dark look at how the world is today, and a somewhat accurate representation of trying to get into the music business.