Bad boys fake being cops

Alexis Arenas-Andrade

Ryan and Justin (Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr.) two men with very different personalities who decide to appear as fake cops to what was supposed to be a masquerade party. The movie takes a funny twist when Ryan gets hyped on the idea of becoming fake cops. This movie is a comedy, and it did really make people laugh.

While in real life, the general public is aware that cops are usually there to serve and protect mankind, these characters portray themselves in a hilarious farce. Justin, an aspiring video game designer making an effort to pitch a concept to his company. Ryan, on the other hand, an unemployed citizen and doesn’t pursue anything. Suddenly they discover that their true passion is to be counterfeit detectives, as they walk down the heavy populated streets of Los Angeles when wearing their police “uniforms.” Citizens assume they are indeed real officers. Ryan becomes aware of the authority that they possess after a girl pursues them and as others listen and abide by their outrageous demands.

Their first performance as officers takes place when they ridicule a gang of thugs into dancing. After this incident, Ryan takes an effort to investigate the tactics and procedures of becoming a real officer. Throughout the movie he keeps promoting himself from a rookie to a sergeant position. Justin simply uses his newfound power to woo an aspiring makeup artist.

Both of their personalities clearly in display, and the audience at the theatre laughed from beginning to end. While this movie doesn’t have an original concept (think Dirty Work, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, 21st Jump Street, etc.), it certainly delivers with a vast amount of jokes that are on point. All in all, a very enjoyable, if shallow, funny movie.