Bad Grandpa tops weekend box office with $32 million

Taylor Best

Johnny Knoxville is back on the big screen with Paramount’s Bad Grandpa, which hit theaters nationwide on Oct. 23. Although I anticipated a less-funny follow up of the Jackass TV show and resulting movies, I was pleased to be exploding with laughter from start to finish.

As Bad Grandpa opens, Irving Zisman, played by Knoxville, has just lost his wife of 46 years, and he reacts with a laugh and a proclamation of freedom. At the funeral of Mrs. Zisman, Irving’s grandson, Billy, played by Jackson Nicholl, is pawned off onto his granddad and a classic road trip ensues to bring Billy to his father. While Knoxville and his pint sized partner-in-crime develop their relationship on camera, each of them immerse themselves and develop in their own roles.

The crazy stunts performed were developed among different men and women who were completely oblivious to the making of the movie, so it had a candid camera vibe that was convincing to say the least. In one scene, the coffin of Irving’s deceased wife collapses with the corpse falling out, causing quite the scene in front of a group of elderly men and women.

Knoxville and Nicholl worked brilliantly together. Nicholl is hardly a newcomer to the big screen, with roles in The Fighter and Fun Size. This time around, his talent is obvious, as he compliments Knoxville quite well, even upstaging him at several points.

The storyline is maintained even with the scattered stunts filmed in public. Overall, Bad Grandpa is worth seeing with a few of your close friends, and be prepared for some raunchy situations.

IMBD Rating: 6.9 out of 10
My Rating: 8.4 out of 10