Balancing work and school

Balancing school and work as a college student can be one of the most difficult things to do. With homework, bills, hard work, time, effort, and little time to sleep, learning how to balance your life to juggle all of your tasks can make life sail smooth. Some things you can do to make it easier are: At_Work_in_the_HCIO

  1. Talking with your family about your busy schedule. There is nothing worse than being left out of your family plans because they just assume you’re always working or doing homework.
  2. Start slow. As a brand new college student, life is turning into a new direction called adulthood. Don’t commit to too many hours. Learn what your limits are and work your way up from there. If you work too much too fast, I promise you will be burnt out.
  3. Avoid double planning. When you want to plan so many activities into your schedule, sometimes two or more plans collide causing you to think you have to be in more places than one. If you have planned one event, either say no to other plans or change up your schedule to fit it in.
  4. Use your time efficiently. Time is everything.
  5. Spend money wisely. One of the worst feelings in the world is knowing you are broke. Want to hang out with friends? No money. Want to go get some nice food? No money. It’s stressful. Spend money wisely. Pay bills first and put some money into savings and don’t touch it. Leave a little spending money because everyone needs a new shirt or pair of shoes every once in a while.

By following simple steps and managing a well-planned schedule, your life will be at ease with knowing your stress level is on the down low.