Baskin Robbins comes to Joplin

Baskin Robbins

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Dustin Prine

Joplin has had Braum’s, Freddy’s, and Andy’s, and now it’s time for Baskin Robbins to have the spotlight. Though the other three ice cream establishments’ originality and tastiness go unnoticed, Baskin Robbins has its own special flare that separates it from the others. It has many unique flavors as well as fresh baked waffle cones and bowls.

Baskin Robbins first opened its doors in Joplin on August 20 of this year. Located at 3025 S Main St Suite A, its original 31 flavors have escalated to a total of 44 different flavors including Snickers, mint chocolate chip and birthday cake. The opportunity came for me to taste their buttered theater popcorn, smore’s and candy corn. Most surprising of all, the ice creams tried tasted just like the actual food.

The restaurant itself and its parking lot can get cramped at times because so many people want their ice cream. On the evening that I visited the establishment, my car ended up becoming the place to eat my ice cream because the number of available seats did not suffice to the number of the customers. The décor gave a bright and lively feel to the place upon entering.

As for the employee that catered to me, she seemed to enjoy her time in the workplace and did not seem to mind helping me with my decision. She gave me time to decide on what flavor my taste buds craved and didn’t try to rush me at any time. She noticed indecisiveness in my eyes and asked me if I would like to sample any flavors, and then provided one of the small blue spoons with a small scoop of whatever I wanted.

The prices will stay in the budget for any college student trying to save money. A kid’s scoop cone and a single scoop with a fresh baked cone cost $4.99 each. The store’s doors open at 11 in the morning and closes at 10 p.m. The perfect scoop of ice cream awaits whoever wants the taste of both new and classic flavors from this restaurant.