Beauty and the Beast movie review

Victoria Davidson

Social Media Director

Is the new release of Beauty and the Beast as good as the old one? Would your expectations be met as you 28513582651_9ac3c80095_bwatch the remake? Would it be better than the animated film? You may find yourself asking these questions as you prepare to watch the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast. And the answer to each of the questions is yes.

The recent making of Beauty and the Beast brought to life the reality of my childhood imagination. The movie greatly executed both elegance and accuracy to equally match the past rendition in ‘91.

Albeit, there are slight changes between films. For example, the music has been redone, there are darker scenes in the newer film (such as, snarling wolves and attack scenes), and the beast being slightly more handsome than the original animated version. The characters, though, seem to fit spot-on.

Emma Watson, playing Belle, moved with grace and dignity as she danced from scene to scene. Watson perfectly portrays the quiet, yet knowledgeable young woman, to whom seems strange to the townsfolk around her. As Watson embodies the Disney princess in the film, our childhood imaginations begin to bloom again, with long awaited satisfaction since the previous film many years before.

Other characters, such as Gaston, LeFou, and the household items all filled the big shoes in which the earlier animation created. Each household character has been brought to life with flamboyant vibrancy and they take on the roles of imprisoned, yet compassionate companions to the beast. At times, as I had feared, the magic took a backseat as the use of special-effects overwhelmed the screen. The “Be Our Guest” musical number, for example, bombards the audience with flying plates of special-effects, as my mind wanders onto other topics, such as school or what to eat for dinner.

All in all, the film was created with sharp accuracy and the light-heartedness needed to bring a Disney film to life. Watson and the other cast members did a wonderful job of bringing Beauty and the Beast to a new standard.