Beauty on a Budget: Quick hairstyles for busy students

By Crystal Moody
Photo Editor

Welcome to another semester of college. By this time most students have gotten into a groove of things and are already loaded with a busy schedule. For this installment of beauty on a budget I wanted to give readers a few ideas on how to tame that mane you see in the mirror. Whether you stayed up to late studying or in a rush to get you and the kids off to school, these hairstyles are sure to make your morning run a little smoother.

French braid

French braiding hair is not just for eight year olds. Try French braiding your bangs to one side or starting from one side of the head and French braiding the hair to create a side braid. You can add some hair accessories to make this style look more sophisticated. If you do not know how to french braid, look up tutorials on YouTube for helpful instructional videos.

Front Hair Poof

This easy style is great for anyone trying to grow out unwanted bangs or for a fast hair fix. First, section your hair the width of what you want your poof to be usually the hair right above your forehead and two inches back then tease hair at the crown to give it some volume. Twist the section of hair one time and push forward to form the poof. Then take bobby pins, spray them with hairspray to make them sticky so they stay in your hair better, and slide them into your hair at the scalp each way against the twist creating an “x” in the hair. Adjust your poof to your liking by pulling it up if you prefer more height. For a sleek look run a flat iron through the rest of the hair and spray with hairspray.

Messy Bun

A messy bun is a perfect hairstyle for college students. This style does not have to be perfect at all, the messier the better. To create a messy bun first pile the hair on top of the head and secure with hair tie. Next you want to take sections of hair and start bobby pinning them around the band to create the bun. Leave some ends loose to give hair a messy look. Another way to create a bun is put hair in ponytail but instead of pulling it all the way through on the last loop, leave ends in the band. Then separate the bun and start pinning it to the head to create a loose messy bun. There are multiple ways to wear buns. You can wear them high, low, or to the side. Play with it your hair and see what works best for you.

Side pony tail

When you just don’t have any free time to spare on your hair in the morning, resort to the side pony tail. First, brush out your hair and tease at the crown if you want some extra volume. If you have bangs, straighten them with a flat iron to the side then pull all your hair to that same side. Tie the hair in a low pony tail on the side of your head right behind your ear with a clear elastic band. Leave one strand of hair out and wrap it around the band and secure it with a bobby pin to conceal the hair band. If you don’t want to bother with making sure the top of your hair looks sleek, pull hair into the side pony and throw on a cute hat to cover up your bed head.

These are simple and easy ways to fix your hair when you are running late in the mornings. Instead of throwing hair into a normal boring pony tail try these quick hairstyles to keep you feelings put together. The more you practice with different styles, the faster you get at doing them. These hairstyles are easy on your budget because all you need is a brush, some bobby pins and hairspray. Have fun experimenting with different hairstyles and enjoy having a few extra minutes in the mornings.