Board approves indoor field house proposal

Jesse O. Walls
Photo Editor


Artist rendering of how space will be allocated in the new field house.

Athletics makes plans

Plans for an indoor field house on the Neosho campus were given the green light during the Board of Trustees meeting held on January 26. Proposed by John Sisemore, interim athletic director, the new facility would be 120×130 foot (approximately 15,600 square feet) and would cost $1.4 million.

“I was asked by administration to consider this as something to put on the top of our list,” said Sisemore of the field house proposal, “and this is something the coaches and administration have been talking about for a couple years now.”

The new facility would sit adjacent the baseball field, between the left field line and the gym parking lot. It would feature an indoor practice area, training rooms and locker rooms, as well as concessions and restrooms for outdoor sporting events.

“It will encompass not only a place for us to practice indoors as far as softball, baseball and soccer, but will also give us some added extra options that we are in need of right now,” said Sisemore. “… we want to kind of cover a wide range of bases we have really been needing for a long time.”

Raising the funds

Fundraising is set to start immediately, and construction will begin once all the money has been raised. Donations for the new facility will be accepted by the Crowder College Foundation.

“We’ve set a goal to have the funds in place a year from now, and once the funds are in place we expect this [to be] about a four month building project, so we’re hoping to have this finished and completed by the spring of 2016.”

Architectural drawings of the field house were on display during the Alumni reception in the Bob Snellar Gymnasium on January 31.