Board of Trustees elects next president

Photo provided Dr. Jennifer Methvin has been chosen by the Board of rustees to become the next Crowder College president.

Photo provided
Dr. Jennifer Methvin has been chosen by the Board of rustees to become the next Crowder College president.

By James Walls

Dr. Jennifer Methvin was elected as the next president of Crowder College on Feb. 14 at a Board of Trustees meeting. After weeks of reviewing resumes and researching the finalists, as well as several days of interviews, meeting the staff, and the public forums for the three finalists, the Board came to a unanimous decision to make Dr. Methvin the next president.

“The Board of Trustees had a very tough decision to make,” said Andy Wood, President of the Crowder College Board of Trustees in a press release. “We thought all three finalists could be great presidents. Having said that, the Board of Trustees came to the unanimous opinion that Dr. Methvin was the right person for Crowder. We’re very excited about Dr. Methvin becoming the next president of Crowder College.”

Since 2005, Dr. Methvin has served as Vice Chancellor for Academics at the University of Arkansas at Hope, previously serving as a division chair for Arts and Sciences, a Coordinator of Off-Campus Credit Courses and teaching English, as well. She has also served in various other positions throughout her career in education.

“Crowder College has the reputation of being a college which focuses on student success and operates with integrity. This fact alone made the position attractive to me,” said Dr. Methvin on why she chose to run for president. “After a little research and a visit to campus, I knew that being the president of Crowder College was an opportunity I wanted to pursue. My family agreed.”

According to Dr. Methvin, she plans to do a lot of listening, researching and learning during her first few months as president of Crowder College so as to get to know how the college works.

“Continuous improvement takes strategic planning and continual assessment. I want to get involved in both of those activities as quickly as I can. Getting to know the college community is the first step in that direction.”

As for the future of Crowder College, Dr. Methvin said she can see the college continue to focus on providing area residents with the educational opportunities to improve their lives and livelihoods.

“In the next decade, community colleges have to focus on graduating a number of high skilled workers who will become the backbone of the American workforce and help our country strengthen its economy. To reach that goal, community colleges like Crowder have to continue to match their educational programs to employer expectations, reach more potential students, and support those students in finding success in higher education,” said Dr. Methvin.

“There are many challenges for community colleges as we strive to meet these goals. We will have to seriously discuss and embrace those challenges if we are to be successful,” said Dr. Methvin about Crowder’s possible future. “However, I am already convinced that Crowder College has the dedicated faculty and staff and the innovative spirit to get the job done. I am honored to be a part of that future.”

Dr. Methvin is scheduled to take office on June 1, 2014.