BrainFuse offers online tutoring

For students who want help with a class they are struggling with, Crowder College offers a new online tutoring service. Called BrainFuse, the service is available to all students enrolled this semester, and offers free tutoring services for those without the time or ability for an in person tutor. The service offers help in a number of General Education classes, such as mathematics, English, and science courses.

Brainfuse replaces the predecessor, Smartthinking, and from the main website a document containing tutoring hours for the various classes available can be viewed. Information and guided help on using BrainFuse is also being introduced in College Orientation classes for those enrolled this semester. Tutoring hours are available for as many situations as possible.

The decision to change tutoring programs was brought about by concerns from students about Smartthinking’s user friendliness, as well as budget concerns.

“Students complained to us that Smartthinking was hard to use” said Helen Hale, at Student Success Center. “BrainFuse is hopefully much easier to use for all students”.

In addition to generally easier use, BrainFuse is compatible with tablet browsers for students with iPads and similar devices, said Hale.

BrainFuse offers 24/7 live chatting tutoring available for writing, math and science courses. Live chatting allows students to speak directly with a tutor online. Tutoring hours are also available at different times every day of the week, including weekends.

The BrainFuse website can be reached from the Blackboard main page. By clicking the Tool option on Blackboard front page, a link to the BrainFuse site can be found.

Students are also encouraged to send in feedback if they desire on the usefulness of BrainFuse.

“We’d love to hear student feedback.” Said Hale. “We would really like to know if students are using the options available, if it helps them, and how easy it is for them to use.”

Students may send in feed to help at, if they want give their thoughts personally.