Brave new heroes take on great feats

By Tana Burkhart

For anyone looking for a provoking new show to watch, NBC’s The Brave is one to check out. Filled with intriguing plots, rousing military drama, and slightly TheBrave-ShowsImage-1920x1080-KOmysterious, yet well-written characters, the show leaves the viewer on the edge of his or her seat wanting more.

The story follows one of the most elite special ops military teams in the United States. Answering to Deputy Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director, Patricia Campbell, played by Anne Heche, Captain Adam Dalton, played by Mike Vogel, and his crew of four take on some extremely intricate and time-sensitive missions.

Recruited from Delta Force, ground-force commander (Dalton) has the assistance of some highly-acclaimed soldiers. Sgt. Jasmine “Jaz” Kahn is the team’s primary sniper. Played by Natacha Karam, the beautiful Jaz is sure to inspire young girls everywhere to follow their dreams.

Not only will the ladies be excited for the dose of girl power Jaz brings to the table, but eyes will be glued to the screen due to the fact that every man on the show is dizzyingly attractive. Noah Mills plays Sgt. Joseph “McG” McGuire, a world-class combat medic, also from Delta Force. Ezekiel “Preach” Carter, formerly of the Navy SEALs and the team’s communication and technology expert, played by Demetrius Grosse and former CIA field officer and undercover operative, Amir Al-Raisani, played by Hadi Tabbal round out this exclusive and ridiculously talented group.

Also starring Sofia Pernas as DIA team member, Hannah Archer and Tate Ellington as mission coordinator, Noah Morgenthau.

Tasked with things like rescuing captured Americans to stopping terror attacks on army bases, the team shows off their smarts and skills each week. These heart-pounding missions make the viewer wonder how the heroes will prevail against all that is thrown at them, and believe me, a lot is thrown their way.

With slight bits of humor amongst the team, and the way the human side of these intense situations is portrayed, the viewer can certainly become vested in the characters. Writers have made sure this show is not just your run-of-the-mill military drama.

Riveting and compelling, the show grips the viewer from the get-go.

I definitely could not help but feel patriotic and proud watching this series. It has solidified the thankfulness and respect I hold for our military, and what they do.

The Brave is rated TV-14. The series premiered Sept 25 and can be seen on Monday nights at 9 PM central time through Nov 20. The show will return to television, after a mid-season break, on Jan 1. It is available to watch on Hulu and as well.