Briggs faces season as lone sophomore

Dorian Briggs cutting net editBy Ryan Land
Sports Editor


General Studies

Favorite Food:

Favorite TV show:
Breaking Bad

Favorite type of music:
Rap and country


Favorite movie:
The Conjuring

Favorite book:
Twilight series

Favorite sports team:
Miami Heat

I like to read a lot and if I’m not playing basketball, I’m playing soccer.

Fort Smith, Ark.

Have you lived in Fort Smith your entire life before coming to Crowder?
No, I used to live in Jacksonville, Fla., and also lived in Oxon Hill, Md.

How long have you been involved with Basketball?
Pretty much all my life, except for maybe two years.

What provoked you to move to Neosho to attend Crowder?
I didn’t want to be too close to home and I really liked playing with them [the Lady ‘Riders]when I came for a visit.

After moving to Neosho, did you adjust to living well here at Crowder?
Last year, the basketball team just brought me in like family and it was like real close last year.

Is there a specific career path you are looking at?
I’m looking at either physical training or athletic training.

What is one memory that will stick out to you during last season?
It would have to be when Coach Robbins told us that we were going to nationals. We were on the way back from winning conference and she told us and we all just started jumping around on the bus, excited and stuff like that.

What are some of your expectations for the team this season?
I just want the team to work hard like we did last year because if we wouldn’t have worked as hard as we did last year, we wouldn’t have made it as far and we have potential to make it as far as we did last year, this year, if we work as hard as we did last year.

Who is the most influential person in your life and why?
Lebron James, he’s my favorite basketball player. He’s had so many struggles in life, but he’s always been able to get through it and he never lets anything show up on the court anytime.

What are your plans after graduation from Crowder?
I’m looking at going into at least Division 2 in basketball. If not, I’ll try to continue my basketball career somewhere, but I really don’t want to go back to Arkansas. I don’t want to be too close to home.