Broken-down students need better fall breaks

Kaitlin Barnett
Many students including myself believe that our fall break should be either extended or moved to a different day. I’m sure we can all agree; Crowder’s fall break was a bit of a letdown. The fall semester of 2016’s fall break was on Friday, Oct. 14th. Were you aware, or was it just another day for you, too?leaf
I’ve spoken with students on campus about the days they have classes and how busy those days normally are. Many students try to schedule their classes at the beginning of semester to have at least one day a week off, whether it be to go to work, catch up on homework, or just relax and wind down for a little bit. It just so happens that many students choose that day to be a Friday.

Even students who do have classes on Friday, normally only have one. And for most of these students their Friday class is actually an honor’s seminar that they are required to attend.

Now can you see why students are just a little bummed out about their “fall break”? For many, including myself, this isn’t really a break at all from the usual. It’s just another normal Friday.

“Fall break’s purpose is to serve as a break for students and faculty at the 8 week point,” said Dr. Adam Morris, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, “I feel like it’s the appropriate length for now.”

Fall break is placed conveniently right after midterms (or for those taking 8 week courses, finals) and should provide an opportunity for students to be able to de-stress from their study load and catch up with reality again.

calendarMissouri Southern State University had their fall break on Monday, Oct. 17. Pittsburg State University host their fall break on a Thursday and Friday, Oct. 13 and 14. I feel like both situations are still more ideal than the schedule we currently adhere to.

Fall break is currently on a Friday because the class loads aren’t as heavy, according to Dr. Morris, however this does disrupt a few labs and clinics. During the spring semester there are a number of Monday holidays and few Friday holidays.

For some students, having fall break on a Monday would be an opportunity to see their families longer than they normally would on the weekends if they didn’t have classes on Fridays. I understand this doesn’t apply to all students, but many who I’ve spoken with agree that it would be a beneficial move.

“I would love having our fall break on a Monday. It would give me an extra day to wind down towards the middle of the semester. I feel like that’s something we all need,” said Alex Walsh, veterinarian technician major.