Broncos smash heads with Chiefs

JoJo Brinkhoff
Entertainment Editor

The Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs has entered the 2013 NFL Season with an outstanding score board. On Nov. 17, these two teams will smash head to head to prove who the better team is.

According to, Denver ranks as the number one team with a score of 7-1, which is the seventh time since 1978 that they have reached the half-mark with a score like this. Despite being ranked 13, Kansas City is leading the way as the undefeated team this year (9-0). As the 17th approaches, tension rises among the fans, wondering if their team will win.

Despite not being a football fan, I was still curious which team would have a better chance winning the upcoming game. From my family and Facebook friends, I’ve heard several different viewpoints, but I wanted some statistics from the professionals.

Searching on, I found exactly what I was looking for; a detailed analysis for both teams. After reading and comparing each position, this is what I learned about the Broncos and the Chiefs. Although there are more to account for, here are some of the main positions we’ll look at.


Although both teams have a strong quarterback, Denver wins hands down. Between Peyton Manning (Broncos) and Alex Smith (Chiefs) there’s no room for comparison, Manning is still one of the best quarterbacks. With that being said, Smith has proven himself, but still has some ways to go.

Running Back:

Even with a great quarterback, the Broncos slack in this position due to having young players (Knowshon Moreno, Montee Ball and Ronnie Hillman) playing as the main players. With Jamaal Charles as the main man and Anthony Sherman as the fullback, the Chiefs have shown that they’re the one with a stronger running back.

Wide Receivers:

Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker give the Broncos the best wide receiver. Although there is room for improvement, Denver definitely have quite an advantage over Kansas City.

Offensive Line:

Behind every good quarterback is a good offensive line and Ryan Clady has given the Broncos a good offensive line. What hurt the Chiefs in this position is having a rookie (Eric Fisher) in their line.

Defensive Line:

Although the Chiefs lack in their offense, their defensive line is stronger than the Broncos. Part of it is due to the fact that the Chiefs seem to have a few more good players in their line.


With Von Miller and Wesley Woodyard missing a few games, the Broncos are left with Danny Trevathan as their main man. The Chiefs, on the other hand, has Justin Houston and Tamba Hali on the outside with Derrick Johnson on the inside, thus, giving Kansas City another advantage over Denver.


For this position, Kansas City is better set than Denver. The main reason is if the Broncos lose their key players, they lack the back-up players that are critical. The Chiefs still have several players that have proven their worth.

Even though the Chiefs’ defense is one of the best this season, their offense sucks which will hurt them greatly in the upcoming game. The Broncos, despite having a weak defense, are a well-rounded team, not to mention that their offense is superior. With that being said, my opinion is the Broncos have a greater chance in winning the Nov. 17 game.

Remember, this game can still go either direction because both teams are very good teams. However, unless they can strengthen their offense, the Chiefs could end up with the score 9-1.