Campus Life prepares for homecoming dance

By James Walls
Copy Editor


The homecoming dance will take place at 7 p.m. – 12 a.m., Thurs., Feb. 21 in the Wright Conference Center this year, and will once again be free to all students and guests who wish to come and participate. With last year’s dance seeing several hundred students attend throughout the course of the night, Campus Life is anticipating a similar outcome for this year, as well.


“It’s just a big, giant party,” said Mark Aubuchon, Campus Life Director. “The more that attend, the better it will be.”


Voted in last semester at the Student Government Association (SGA) meetings, the theme “A Night under the Stars” is a key central point for the planning and decorations going into this event. While three ideas were pitched to those who attended the meeting, this theme was voted in by a narrow margin, and is now being utilized to plan out the ornamentations for the homecoming dance.


“The decorations will set the theme,” Aubuchon said, discussing the ideas for the event. “It will make it look really romantic.”


Adding to the event is a live DJ, who will be taking requests throughout the night, and a variety of free food that will be catered by the cafeteria and served in the downstairs Farber lobby. There will also be the announcement of the homecoming king and queen winners.


“They just have to be a student at Crowder and reply to an email that we send out,” said Aubuchon, stating the requirements to run for king or queen. However, while the requirements seem simple, it is up to the students to promote their campaigns themselves.


On Jan. 28, students were allowed to start signing up with Campus Life to begin their campaigning. The election for king and queen will be on Feb. 18 – 19, with the coronation taking place at 8 p.m. on the night of the dance.


With a good deal of planning going into this year’s homecoming dance, Campus Life and those involved are striving to make this an event students will enjoy.


“Being a college student and taking courses can be hard,” said Rodolfo Parra, a business and administrations major and President of the SGA, “but having an event like homecoming can let you meet some people and take some stress off of school.”


So whether it’s to ease stress or just to socialize, the upcoming dance could very well have something to offer to those who attend. However, in the end, the main goal is simply for everyone to have a great time.