Carpool helps save money

By Ashley Beeman
Reporter (Fall 2012)


The carpooling service is a free program for Crowder students and teachers. It was organized to create a way for students and teachers to get back and forth from certain places, to commute more efficiently and to help save the natural environment, as well as help said students and teachers cut down on transportation costs.

“It’s a good idea and would help people out,” said Laura King, an art and design major. The way the carpooling service works is participants will enter some basic information in the website and then the will match them with people going to the same place. When signing up, participants will be asked for the location of the trip origin, or where to be picked up. If participants do not wish to reveal street addresses, they can enter the street name or neighborhood thus increasing their matches.

Carpoolers go to and from Crowder campuses and there are rides from Joplin, Neosho, Carthage, Goodman, and Nevada. There are rides to Crowder Campuses in Neosho, Webb City, Cassville, and Nevada.

Whenever participants wish to carpool with a group, they should find the group they want to carpool with based off things like similar schedules, those that live close to participants, or even those who have a similar driving preference. From there, participants can send an email to let the carpooler know, or if a number is provided, participants can call the carpooler.

Anyone who is a Crowder students or teacher may participate. To sign up for free visit This also provides additional information on carpooling.