Catholics on Campus comes to Crowder

Sierra Coy

A new club has recently been added to Crowder College: Catholics on Campus.

“We have BSU on campus, which is an excellent organization. They [have] lots of opportunities: lunch on Wednesday, and they do mission trips, and so we thought at Missouri Southern is kind of the same thing, what I was used to as a college student,” said Kristi Chapman recruiter and admissions advisor and also. “You have different options, different groups, so just giving students who are of the Catholic faith a chance to feel as though they can stay connected.”

Even though this club focuses around the Catholic religion, members do not have to actually be Catholic. If you are curious of the Catholic faith or merely want free food then Crowder students are welcome to come, so long as these students respect what is going on and interacts with the other members, Chapman said.

This organization is so new that the meeting days, times, and future activities have yet to be decided on, but Catholics on Campus is hoping to meet at least once a month for now, and meeting in the Fireside Room in the student center. They also plan on activities basing their activities on Missouri Southern’s more established Catholics on Campus and what the members want to do with the organization. For now they are merely establishing themselves as an organization, figuring out how they want to run Catholics on Campus.

According to Chapman, there are no requirements, fees, dress code, nor are there any sort of offices like president, vice president, and so on.

During the meetings a lot of Catholic traditions will take place, things such as praying the rosary. The main difference between church and this organization is that a church is more formal, while this organization is a little more relaxed and less formal.

“This sounds like a great club. They can express their religion, freely, in a safe environment, said Whitney Crinklaw a criminal justice major. “At the same time it’s great that they invite everyone to come to their meetings, even students of different religions.”