Classic Games withstand test of time

Jesse O. Walls
Executive Editor of New Media

Since the first generation of game consoles was released in 1972, video games have become a significant part of our culture. Over the past four decades the graphics have improved, storylines have become more developed and each console seems to focus on a new breakthrough in technology. As we look forward to more advanced games in the future, let’s stop and look back at some classic titles that have withstood the test of time. Here are my favorite classics.

Donkey Kong Jr.

A classic arcade game, this title offered hours of entertainment as gamers played as Donkey Kong Jr., who is on a quest to save his father. Imprisoned by Mario from the famous Mario Bros. games, this is the only game Mario appears in where he is the antagonist.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Mario is, without a doubt, the most recognizable video game character of all time. Since his introduction in 1981 (in the game Donkey Kong), he has been in more than 200 titles, and Super Mario Bros. 3 was probably the most popular game for the NES. On a quest to save the princess (how many times can she be kidnapped … really?), Mario must defeat Bowser’s children, who are the bosses at the end of each level, to reach Bowser. This game also offers the ability to fly and float with new items that were not available in previous installments.

Jurassic Park
Sega Genesis/1993

A tie-in to the movie blockbuster, the Genesis game borrowed elements from the Michael Crichton novel as well. In this game the player is trying to escape the island, but what made this title so cool was that not only could they play as Dr. Alan Grant, the main character from the movie, but could also play as a velociraptor. As Grant, the gamer tries to make it to the helicopter while avoiding dinosaur attacks. As the raptor, gamers have to avoid being deterred and killed by inGen employees.

Final Fantasy VIII

In my opinion, this was the best game in the franchise. The story revolves around a group of mercenaries who use magic and weapons, as well as summon monsters known as Guardian Forces, to aid in battle. Using the popular turn-based combat system that was created for the original FF games, this title offers an in-depth storyline and more than 60 hours worth of game play. 

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

What’s cooler than an RPG? A farming RPG. In this installment of the popular Harvest Moon franchise, the main character inherits his grandfather’s farm and must restore it to its former glory if he wants to remain a resident of the town. Gamers are given the chance to grow crops, raise livestock and even start a family. There are five eligible bachelorettes, so save time for a social life.

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