Cowboy Bebop re-released by Funimation

James Walls
Campus News Editor

The classic anime Cowboy Bebop will see a re-release of its 26 episode collection on Dec. 16, now that the series has recently been purchased by Funimation Entertainment. Featuring a great cast of characters and voice actors, as well as an amazing soundtrack that fits the series perfectly, Cowboy Bebop is a show that every anime fan should see.

The series is centered around a small group of bounty hunters who travel through space in search of wanted criminals that have a price on their head. From chasing dog-nappers to dealing with homicidal animal rights activists, the crew are constantly searching for their big break, as well as their next meal. However, things rarely ever go as planned, and the group is hardly ever rewarded for their efforts.

Still, this action/science fiction series is about much more than if and when they get their lucky break, but also about the characters. Learning the back-stories to some of these faces is a big part of the series, especially with the main character, Spike Spiegel (voiced in English by Steve Blum), whose past is certainly not forgotten.

Originally aired in Japan in 1998, the series may seem a bit dated as far as animation is concerned. However, with a memorable cast and story-line, as well as an excellent soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Darker than Black), the slightly outdated animation easy to ignore.

All in all, the series is a gem deserving in any anime fan’s collection, and is definitely one to see.