Crowder ghost spooks students, staff

Most of you have probably heard of the mysterious Crowder College ghost. This perplexing creature haunts this campus all over. Especially in this time of year. Halloween is right around the corner. People from all over the country have heard and even seen this ghost haunting around. So, where is this ghost from? How did it start? A retired faculty member, Jolene Sullivan said,

ghost-1236444_960_720“There are times when I have to work later in the evening. One night while I was working late I was sitting at my desk in my office on the second floor of Newton Hall when all of a sudden the drawers on the desk would open and the door to the office would open and they would do it by themselves. I was amused at first, but after a little bit I just told the presence to leave and go bother someone else down the hall and it would all stop.”

The Crowder ghost is a real thing according to some people on campus. Some people say it haunts each hall, some say it just haunts the apartments/dorms. Ghosts haunt all over the nation. Thankfully, not just Crowder. Everyone has heard of the Joplin spook lights right? There have also been actual sightings in and all around the world. In pictures, whether photo shopped or not, there are ghost figures that would “scare the life” out of most people.