Editorial: Crowder needs more student activities

Balloons? Crowder is 50 years old, and all that is done to celebrate this accomplishment is a few recognitions and speeches, balloons and a lunch? That’s like showing up to a birthday party, and leaving with no cake and ice cream. This lack of celebration is a prime example of how there needs to be more and bigger activities on campus.

According to the Campus Life calendar on mssu.edu, Missouri Southern State University’s (MSSU) Campus Life has the following activities planned alone for the month of April:

In comparison, what does Crowder have? A couple of dances, a few activities planned here and there, but nothing as numerous as MSSU, even though our student enrollment has been higher than theirs for the last four semesters.Themes, movies, crafts and games, almost every day of every week has a planned activity, and this is but a snippet—only one month in their academic year. Not to mention that the university also has a 5K run scheduled for April 27 in celebration for their 75th anniversary.

Or how about how some of the activities that Crowder does have are smaller than what they could be. For example, Homecoming is only a dance, while even high schools have a week of themes to celebrate their homecomings.

Crowder needs more activities. More movie nights, or BBQ’s, or some weekend events to entertain foreign exchange students who don’t get to visit home during the weekends—something—to give students more things to do.

Crowder’s lack of activities is a problem, will your voice for more be part of the solution?