Crowder student moves campuses

By Joseph Mandelbaum

Q&A: Kevin Henard Jr.

Your favorite movie?
The Book of Eli. I love the message behind it and it’s just an awesome movie.

How long have you been attending Crowder College?
This is my fourth semester.

Are you going part-time or full-time?
I am full.

What is your major?
Associates of Science and Engineering.

Why that?
I have just always loved physics.

Where would you like to go once you graduate from Crowder?
I am probably going to go to the University of Arkansas.

It’s pretty close to where I live and it’s a good engineering school.

When do you plan on graduating?
Originally it was going to be May 2014 but now I’m thinking the spring of 2015.

Do you or have you ever taken online or flex classes, and if so what classes?
No, never.

Which campus do you go to?

How many campuses have you been to?
Two. Neosho and Webb City.

Which do you prefer?
Neosho, definitely

They’ve been making changes to the Webb City campus. How do you think they could improve it?
Add on a lot. A student center, a library, a cafeteria, more classes.

Why did you change campuses?
I moved to Noel.

How many days do you come?
Monday through Thursday.

Do you live on campus?
No. I live about forty miles away from the college.

Are you involved at all the student body or any groups or clubs?
No. I would like to get involved with BSU.

Are there any clubs or groups you would like to see on campus?
More worship groups. Something non-denominational.

How did you decide to come to Crowder?
Because I have the A+ funding and it only covers community colleges.

And what TV show are you currently watching?
How I Met Your Mother. Until the next season of The Walking Dead comes out.