Debate program to host tournament

By Tana Burkhart

Debate students at Crowder College will be hosting a high school debate tournament on the Neosho campus on Dec 8-9. Kristen Stout 10 2017

There will be four types of debates going on, each with one topic. As of press time, the students in Crowder’s debate program know two of the four: education reform and are animals fundamentally different than humans? Students participating in the tournament will know the topics of debate before the tournament takes place.

Debates will take place in classrooms all over campus. The tournament will be going on throughout the two-day period.

“We like getting people on campus to see what we do,” Kristen Stout, Crowder’s debate instructor. Stout hopes this tournament will serve to teach future generations how to appropriately practice civil discourse in ways that are productive.

Stout also likes the fact that the event will get people on campus that are not usually here, and show them what the debate program does, as well as giving them a good look at Crowder College.

“It is fun. Come join us,” Logan Johns, Crowder debate student. Johns is excited that Crowder gets to host the tournament and thinks it is great that students in the area will get to see the campus and what it has to offer. Johns has been participating in speech and debate since high school.  Johns will be working the tournament in December.

Currently the debate program is looking for volunteers to help judge and run the tournament. Anyone interested in helping can contact Kristen Stout by email at