Don’t let the holidays kill your wallet

By Brigham Cook
Reporter (Fall 2012)

Saving during the holidays is hard. Therefore, here are a few tips to make it easy to save money. When giving a gift card as a holiday present, or purchasing warranties, make sure to know a store’s policy before purchasing.

Although it may not feel like a very personal gift, people can’t go wrong giving a gift card as a holiday present. Plus, they can come in different denominations, such as $10, $20, $50 and so forth.

When it comes to purchasing warranties, there are times when one can just say no. Refusing extended warranties doesn’t strip customers of all protection. Reputable manufacturers will back products for three to six months and some credit cards extend or even double manufacturers’ warranties.

According to, “Just say ‘no’ to extended warranties. An extended warranty sounds like a good thing to have when you buy a new car which you shouldn’t do unless you’re rich and can take the hit on depreciation). But it’s best to stay away.” If one does purchase a warranty, be sure to the terms are worth the cost. Not all stores offer refunds for returned items, so know a store’s policy before purchasing. Ask for a gift receipt so friends and family can make exchanges or get refunds if necessary.

Showing friends and family how one feels should not put a person in debt. If the holidays will cause an unreasonable financial burden, consider making presents.  Anything from baking to knitting, to writing poems or thoughtful letters, homemade presents can be more meaningful than the store-bought variety.

“I built a wooden key blade from the game Kingdom Hearts for my family friend,” said Tyler Riebe, a computer network major.