Don’t look back with regret

Graduation is here! Congratulations to all graduates! I am right there with you, and I am so excited! We have worked our butts off, and now it’s time to get that degree and celebrate! Many of you will probably head home for the summer (I sure will be) so I have a few thoughts for you as I conclude my column for Crowder Sentry. graduation photo

  1. Always be willing to look back. I know that many of you will be transferring to other colleges to pursue higher degrees, but never forget Crowder. Crowder has become part of your life. We have made it, and that’s something to be extremely proud about! We dedicated two years of our lives to this school. We owe it to remember the good and bad times that we had here. Let’s face it, we’ve all had at least some fun.
  2. Don’t slack off. Crowder taught us (or at least me) that procrastinating is one of the absolute worst things you could ever do in school. Be willing to continue working hard and aiming for the degree you dreamed about your entire life.
  3. Don’t put off living your life. Take a break if you need to! After twelve years of high school and another two of college, I know I deserve a break. If you missed a transfer deadline or may just be completely exhausted (I get you), then take a year or a semester off! Go home, be with family, do something spontaneous, go on vacation, get a summer job, anything! It’s so great to be yourself with no assignments and tests on your shoulders.
  4. Go find love. If you’re finished with school completely, we are so happy for you! Go settle down and find that one true love that you’ve been wanting since high school. Trust me, it’s the best thing in the world.
  5. Never forget that you matter. Just because school is over, doesn’t mean your life stops. Most people face the “what now?” question. I say, “Whatever!” Whatever comes your way. Whatever opportunity you get. Whatever life has in store for you. Always remember that your “decisions determine destiny” –Thomas S. Monson. Make your destiny great. Make it the best. You only have one life. Live it!