Easter rolls around with Spring Break

Sofia Sanchez Salcedo


From the 21 to the 25 of March, we have a Spring Break. Easter, this year, will take place at the end of the Spring Break, so although we have two holidays, we will only have off for one. Easter is a Christian holiday, and it is the most important one, since it celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Mostly, though, we celebrate getting chocolate eggs from a giant bunny in our yards.

Easter, unlike Spring Break, is dependent on when the Sunday after the vernal equinox is. This year, it is on March 21. Easter isn’t a short holiday, either. According to History.com, Easter is a season in the church year, whcandy easterich ends the Lent period.

The candies often associated with the holiday go back to the thirteenth Century, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. The reason for decorated eggs was because the Church didn’t allow for people to eat eggs during Holy Week. Eggs, additionally, are a symbol of both resurrection, and fertility.

The annual White House Easter egg roll began in 1878 with Lucy Hayes, the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes. This year, President Barack Obama and his family will host one on Monday March 28 with 35000 guests gathered “on the South Lawn of the White House for games, storytelling, entertainment and egg rolling,” according to the White House website.

Around the area, other Easter activities will take place. In Webb City, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held the Saturday before Easter at the King Jack Park, next to Tennis Courts. Webb City Parks Department hosts the event, and it will start at 1 p.m. For more information, visit the Webb City Chamber of Commerce calendar.