Editorial: Monday the dilemma

Ugh, another Monday. Our weekend of sleeping in has been rudely interrupted by the screeching alarm clock, waking us up early for school. Time to start our routine once again of five days of work, with only two days of relaxation—“no equilibrium.”

And it’s always going to be there! We can’t get rid of it, or instead of hating Mondays, we would hate Tuesdays. So we are forced to be partners in this “love-hate relationship;” however, Monday doesn’t have to be a day of disappointment. In fact, there are a few ways in which we can improve this dreaded day, and transform it into a day that we look forward to.

First off, we can stop complaining about it. According to Ahaa.org, every thought that you have releases chemicals into your brain. Good thoughts release positive chemicals into your brain and make you fill good; however, when you have bad thoughts, then negative chemicals are released into your brain and make you feel bad.

According to Ahaa.org, “ANTs [Automatic Negative Thoughts] can cause people to be depressed and fatalistic, which have a profound impact on their lives. “‘I know I won’t pass that test on Tuesday.’ [or ‘Ugh, Monday.’] This kind of thinking makes for a self-fulfilling prophecy: if they’ve already convinced themselves they won’t pass [have a good day], they won’t study very hard [try to have a good] and they won’t pass the test [won’t have a good day].”

“If you are depressed all the time, you don’t expect good things to happen so you don’t try very hard to make them happen,” according to Ahaa.org.

Another tip for an improved Monday is to make your bed. Grown, doesn’t sound fun right? Nevertheless, according to the Klove Morning Show, making your bed helps you have a better and more productive day, because by doing so, it makes you feel like you’ve already accomplished something so early. It also helps to wake you up and be ready to be even more successful throughout the day.

You could also eat breakfast. Eat breakfast—make my bed, maybe Mom knew what she was talking about. Yes, of course. According to LiveStrong.com, breakfast provides you with more energy throughout the day, so you don’t feel like you’re a snail by noon. And another benefit, is that it helps you mentally, by helping you pay better attention in class, and by helping you be able to figure out more complex problems.

“It would be nice if on Mondays, the Grill could serve breakfast longer—like until 2 p.m., instead of stopping breakfast at 10:30 a.m.”

You could also treat yourself to lunch; make it a meal that you look forward to. Pack something special, such as a slice of pizza or a cupcake, or sample your favorite delicacies at the Cafeteria or Grill. And enjoy your lunch with friends who you have fun hanging out with. Make your lunch into a mini-fiesta!

Last, but certainty not least—“Unlimited coffee!” If you’re a coffee lover, having a mug or two of this serum of energy is a great way to wake you up and face the day. But don’t just brew any average Joe drink, brew your favorite, so that when you’re sipping your mug, you’re sipping a taste that you enjoy, and can’t wait to taste each morning.

Another Monday will be here before you know it. So, instead of greeting it with the attitude, “Ugh, Monday.” greet it, as if it’s a birthday or Christmas, “IT’S MONDAY!!!”

This article is an editorial based on the Sentry staff’s opinion.