Editorial: Working takes its toll

By Ryan Land
Reporter (Fall 2012)

For many college students, there lies a task to help pay for college, and that task requires holding a job. Many students may go part-time to school and hold a full-time job, or go to school full- time and hold down a part-time job. But a person will not be able to successfully go to school full time and hold down a full time job as well, and keep up with decency in school, as they wish to do.

According to www.education-portal.com, 40 percent of college students attend school part-time, and sadly, many of them will not graduate. I may not know the factors of why they won’t graduate, but having to hold down a job is one of the key factors of why students either take longer than expected to graduate, or don’t graduate period. School should come first though, because of the chance of earning a better job upon graduation, but some things in a person’s life can alter the benefit of getting that degree in a short period of time.

A person who attends school should do what they think is right for them to keep making that income, but you can choose to attend school full time and work full time at the same time, but success does not look good. It all depends if a student has a family to raise, or they are just living at home with their parents.

Students who have a family to raise should keep work as a top priority, so they can be guaranteed food on their table. With a student living at home, all he has to do is pay for his own things, such as clothes, gas money, insurance, etc, so students who live at home can afford to just hang onto a part-time job and keep a decent full-time status in college.

Success in school comes when a person puts the time into their school work, but with a job, a person will not always be able to keep a strong focus on their schoolwork. A good general tip, being that I hold down a full time job, and am taking 12 hours this semester, is to plan and manage time every day.

Arrange time to spend on homework each day, and during the creation of your schedule for a semester, arrange some time between each class, and between the final class of the day and the start time of work, in order to achieve finishing your assigned homework.

The rewards and benefits will come with both school and work, but it will take some effort on a person’s part, and good planning of how your day will go, to fully keep up with both objectives in life.