Employee embraces retirement

By JoJo Brinkhoff
Entertainment Editor

formal MarshOn June 30, 2013, Gale Marsh, Director of human resources, plans to retire. The Committee has selected Michelle Paul, Financial Coordinator, as the new Human Resources Director.


Job position

Marsh had worked for Crowder as Executive Secretary to the President of Crowder from 1980 – 1985, Secretary of Crowder College Foundation from 1986 – 2005, Assistant to the President of Crowder College from 1985 – 2001 and Director of human resources from 2001 – 2013. From 1985 – 2005, Marsh also was the coordinator for the Alumni and Phonathon fundraiser.

She also served as Staff Development Chair which included organizing Camp Crowder Days, Crowder open house, 40th reunion celebration, Foundation Annual Meetings, phonathons and Alumni banquets. Along with these positions, Marsh was active in the AQIP Steering Committee, Wellness Committee, the MCCA and the Neosho Chamber Board of Directors.

Before being employed at Crowder, Marsh worked as a secretary for a hospital for some time. Being a widow with two kids, Marsh was looking for a new job that would support her and her children. Finding an ad for Executive Secretary for Crowder, she couldn’t turn the offer down. In 1980, Marsh was employed at Crowder.

“It just happened, I didn’t mind doing it [secretary],” Marsh stated, explaining her enjoyment in her line of work. “I’ve always liked being busy and useful.”



Although Marsh is looking forward to her retirement, she will miss the staff and students who she has worked with, some for many years. According to Marsh, Crowder had the best staffs and members to work with and for.

“I’ve always appreciated that Crowder was my place of employment,” Marsh stated. “…but there are some things I’d like to do outside of work and have some time to kick back a little bit and enjoy life.”

Marsh is not the only one sad to leave, however. According to Donna Talbert, payroll assistant and benefit specialist, Marsh is considerate with her colleagues when it came to family, considerate with her students, knowledgeable and sending funny birthday cards to her coworkers.

Because of her thoughtfulness for both her coworkers and students, Marsh has taught her colleagues to be a team player and considerate of other people’s situation; a legacy that will be missed among her coworkers.

“Everything,” Debbie Jackson, payroll accountant, stated when explaining what she will miss after Marsh retires. “It’s going to be a big void.”



Despite the sad farewells, Marsh is looking forward to enjoying some of the pleasures she will now have time for. Some of those things are her hobbies: gardening, landscaping, yard working and boating. Besides her hobbies, she is anticipating family time with her kids and grandchildren, and serving her community.

As a way to serve her community, Marsh wants to become a Meal on Wheels volunteer. The Meal on Wheel, according to Marsh, seemed like the best choice because it’s an important service that she and her husband could do together.

Along with serving her community, Marsh is looking forward to more traveling with her husband. Marsh and her husband will travel anywhere as long as the area has water and mountains.

“I love the ocean and the beach and my husband loves mountains,” Marsh replied, pointing to several pictures on her wall of water scenes with mountains in the background. “We go both places.”


Retirement party

Although a date has not been set yet, there is a possibility that the Crowder staff will give Marsh a retirement party. According to Dr. Marble, President of Crowder College, someone who has worked at Crowder that long and has built the Human Resources has earned a farewell party.

“We haven’t got it planned yet, but someone who has been here as long as Gale,” said Dr. Marble, “deserves at least a little party”