Former international student discusses transition

Devis Mongongo

Q&A: Purcell Maketa

How long have you been studying at Crowder?
I have been a student at Crowder almost three years.

Where are from?
I am from Congo, which is in central Africa.

What pushed you to come  to the United States?
The main reason that I am here is because I want to get a better education.

What is your first language?
My first language is French.

How do you feel about learning a foreign language?
It was really challenging learning English at the beginning, but things got better after that.

What is your feeling about being far away from your family?
At the beginning, I was excited then I became home sick.

How was your impression about America?
I wasn’t disappointed once I landed in New York, since that type of America I used to see on television back home, but once in Neosho I was really disappointed about everything.

Have you experienced cultural shock?
Sure I experienced some cultural shock. I was quite surprised the way people looked at me once I start speaking.

What do you think about America’s food?
I like American food, but I am really a fan of Chinese restaurants.

How can you get your local food from America?
The only way I can get my local food from America is by going to big cities such as St Louis, or Chicago.

Why Crowder College?
I decided to apply for Crowder because the tuition program is affordable to my family budget.

What do you think about the quality of teaching at Crowder College?
Well, I think Crowder College has a good quality of education.

What is your major?
I’m majoring in information technology.

What is your plan after graduation?
My plan after graduation is to transfer to a four years college so that I can get my bachelor degree.

What is the main goal of the international student organization?
The main goal of the international student organization is to gather all international students in the platform so that they can share their cultures.

What do you think about America’s culture?
There is a lot good stuff in America’s cultural, but there is also a lot that I don’t really like such as gun violence.

How did you handle your difficult time at the beginning  of your career at Crowder?
I handled my difficult time by praying a lot, so that God can give me the strength.

What is your best moment since you have been a student at Crowder?
The best moment since I have been a student was when I was elected president of Phi Theta Kappa.

How can you summarize your success at Crowder?
Discipline, hard work, and perseverance.