Gal Gadot redefines Wonder Woman

By Dexter Ballay


"I cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost." ~ Wonder Woman

“I cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost.” ~Wonder Woman

Action movies are meant to be filled with plenty of jaw dropping effects. Wonder Woman certainly does not disappoint. Gal Gadot does a tremendous job at transforming super hero movies into a not so male driven and puts a little girl power in theaters.

It’s a little over 2 hours and 20 minutes, which is pretty long for a movie, but has action packed scenes throughout. Rotten Tomatoes rated it at a 92%. Chris Pine is also tremendous as Gadot’s sidekick. The movie transforms from the Amazon to the middle of World War I.

Princess Diana is in search of Ares who she is supposed to destroy. She is willing to go through anything to do that. Diana shows she can carry her own weight and then some when she goes into battle as anyone would expect Wonder Woman would.

The movie does have some flaws. There is too much of an origin story at the beginning which sets up for a slow beginning. She tries to fit in, and she’ll find out that it’s a little more complicated for an amazon warrior then she thought.

During battles, Diana has flaws as well. It takes her some time to learn and control her powers. That is a good thing though. It shows she has weaknesses and proves that no one is completely invincible, even if they are part of DC Comics.

Wonder Woman is an action packed thriller that could even be looked at as a family movie. It tells a story of how she came about and threw in a little story of its own. It will be interesting to see how DC follows up on this piece of art with Justice League coming to theaters next year. As for Wonder Woman, it came out on DVD on September 19, 2017.