General studies student originally from California

Q&A: Nathan Gamble
By Kaitlin Barnett

Nathan Gamble, general studies major, considers moving back to hometown.

Where were you born?
Sacramento, Calif.
Where did you attend high school?
I went to Neosho for a bit, then my parents decided to home school me.
What is your major?
Right now it’s general studies, but I’ve been considering public relations.
What made you choose your major?
General studies covers a broad variety of subjects and seemed like a good place to start.
What do you plan to do with your degree?
I plan to possibly transfer and continue my education once I obtain my associate’s.
Do you plan to stay in the area after graduation?
Not really.
Where do you plan to go?
I might go back to California, or maybe move to New York.
Are you involved in any clubs on campus?
I am not.
What do you do for fun?
I really only have time for homework.
Why did you choose Crowder?
I wanted to receive my associate’s degree.
What would you say is your favorite class you’ve had while attending Crowder?
I really enjoyed my history class with Mrs. Clymer.