Great Van Fleet sets fire to new rock


By Kenzie Kallio

The release of Greta Van Fleet’s new album From the Fires was a phenomenon in the music industry. The mix of rock and blues played by the young band is an excellent mixture to create great music. GVF set a bar that all new rock artist will have trouble reaching.
The new eight-song album is a revival of classic and folk rock. Rock music today has lost the sense of the great music talent fromthefiresproduced throughout the 60s and 70s, and GVF is bringing that sound back to the 21st century with From the Fires.
Greta Van Fleet is a new band out of Frankenmuth, MI, that consists of three brothers, Jake, Josh, and Sam Kiszka, plus their friend Daniel Wagner. The boys are young artists. Twins Jake, lead guitar, and Josh, lead vocals, are age 21, while Sammy, bass and keyboard, and Danny, drums, are a mere 18 years old.
From Josh’s Robert-Plant-like golden vocals, to Danny’s exceptional John-Bonham-like drumming, GVF is being compared to rock legends, Led Zeppelin. Like Zeppelin, all of the songs on the new album are different than the one before. None sound alike, and all have a unique twist to them.
Their debut single “Highway Tune”, was released on March 31 and was an instant hit. Being played on radio stations across the country, GVF became famous what felt like overnight.
From the Fires, which features “Highway Tune”, was released on Nov. 10. The EP is available on all music apps and in stores on CD.
I would recommend this album and band to anyone who listens to classic rock music. GVF gives a feeling of old times in the new age. The young band is going places, and if you want to follow their journey to fame, you should listen to From the Fires.