Gun control issues plague campus

Nathan Gamble



Should students be allowed to carry on campus?  This question has plagued many students and college campuses.  Some students believe that it is our Constitutional right to carry wherever we are and other students believe that we should not be allowed to carry anywhere near our campuses.  Students shouldn’t be allowed to carry unless they have the right training and certification.gun_violence

Some students believe that carrying on campus should be allowed.  The constitution allows us to carry guns almost anywhere, so why not on campus? Some students would also feel safer if veterans could carry.

“I believe students should be able to carry guns,” said Joseph Barnett, Business Administration degree.  “First off it’s a constitutional right, and if we don’t have the ability then why do we have the constitution?”

While the argument for guns on campus is very compelling, there are multiple reasons as to why we shouldn’t have guns on campus.  Students with mental illnesses shouldn’t be allowed to carry at all.  Same with veterans with PTSD.

“Trained teacher should be allowed to carry guns, but students shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns,” said Crowder veteran, business major.  “With bullying being rampant these days you could have a Columbine shooting spit out of that.”

Students with the right training and certifications should be able to carry.  If students don’t have the proper background checks or have a troubled history then they shouldn’t be allowed to carry on campus at all.