Hound of Baskervilles Comes to the Neosho Campus

IMG_4086By Logan Hamby

Mystery sweeps the Crowder College performance theatre as the theme for this year, “Page to Stage”, opens with “Hound of Baskervilles” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The play is scheduled to run from Oct 15 through Oct 17. Pertaining to the theme of “Page to Stage” the first play being shown is “Hound of Baskervilles”, originally written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Although the novel has been adapted by many to fit the stage, this particular version was adapted by R. Hamilton Wright and David Pichette. The plot is in London, during the Autumn of 1889. Famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, and his friend and colleague John Watson, are called in to investigate a most intriguing mystery.

Sir Charles Baskerville was literally frightened to death and no one knows how. Detective Sherlock needs to figure out who or what killed him, and he needs to do it fast before anyone else dies. But, most of all he needs to determine whether or not the Baskerville family truly is cursed, as local legend suggests.

The director for the play is the current performance arts instructor, Natasha Davies. Director Davies chose from her freshman class to fill in all the roles, except for Sherlock.

The roles for the play are as follows: Ben Davies as Sherlock, Kyle Sternes as Watson, Dalton Compton as Sir Henry, Sarah Leggit as Beryl, Zane Ambrosius as Franklin, Karrin Daugherty as Mortimer, Emily Joyce as Mrs. Berrymore, Rodney Rap as Stapleton, John Felix as Sir Charles, Heather Alexander as Mrs. Hudson, Colton Engelhardt as Perkins, Maddison Porter as Station Attendant, and Joe Lombardo as Barrymore.

When questioned as to why Davies didn’t choose one of her freshman for Sherlock she responded that she didn’t feel any of her freshman class properly fit the role. Instead she chose from one of her sophomores.

“I feel that the dynamic created by having one of my freshman play Watson and a more experienced student play Sherlock is entirely unique. It’s good for the actor to grapple with that type of character development” responded Davies.

When asked why she chose ‘Hound of Baskervilles’ specifically she replied that it was a good fit. Not only did the play match the theme ‘Play to Stage’, but Sherlock is a favorite of many. Just as well, the plays theme of mystery goes hand in hand with the month of October.

“Every play is its own living breathing organism, and hard to compare with any other production. Although, the cast and I have some tricks up our sleeves that I believe will shock and awe the audience members” responded director Davies when inquired as to how she felt this play would do in comparison to plays she’s held in the past.

The play takes place from Oct. 15 through Oct. 17, and anyone who brings in a new children’s book on Oct. 16 will receive free admission. The children’s books are part of a ‘Bring a Book Youth Literacy’ project and will be donated to children across the world. To all fans of Sherlock and of plays Director Davies invites you down to see the production.