I try it before you buy it: Building your dream (gingerbread) home

Clara Brodeur, Co-editor

Since it’s “officially” the season for it, I thought I would try my hand at making gingerbread houses. But I’m lazy, so I made someone do all the hard work of picking out what to use for me – I bought a pre-made kit.

As I do most of my late night shopping at the store that is open 24/7, I bought a 6-count set of mini gingerbread houses from Walmart for about $13.00. They had some that were already put together, but I wasn’t that lazy. I also saw a cute dog house one, for about $5.00, and grabbed it too.

gingerbread-houses-2Making the houses wasn’t too hard, mostly because I put my fiancé, Nick, in charge of the frosting and I just put the pieces together. We did have to do some emergency repairs when I pressed the pieces together too hard, though.

Decorating, which I thought would be my favorite part, was actually very frustrating. The frosting seemed to dry almost instantly, making it very hard to make sprinkles stick. The two types of gumdrops included were very delicious, and had no problem staying in place (with a little extra frosting).

The kit included red fondant, which I think is edible since I made Nick taste it for me and he said it was, “all right”. I didn’t use any of it, though.

All of the houses made it, except for one. During emergency repair, he squished the house, easily taking out ⅙ of what our gingerbread village might have been. I would have included pictures, but our dog got to most of it too fast.

In the end, it was kind of fun, but I think I would have preferred making a graham cracker “gingerbread” house from scratch. Being able to choose what the houses looked like and picking out what candies to use would be a lot more fun, I feel. But if you have younger children in your household, then having it pre-made might not be too bad of an idea.