I try it before you buy it: ImPRESSed with these nails


Clara Brodeur, Co-Editor

Every once in awhile, I get the urge to do something snazzy with my fingernails. I used to try and do some of those DIY nails that somehow always turn out flawless in the videos, but then when you actually try it, looks like a kindergarten art project. At least, it does if you’re anything like me.

So, since I lack the time as well as the artistic abilities to do them myself, the next logical step is to pay someone to do them for me. Well, even with two part time jobs, I still am finding myself to be a typical college student needing to budget everything. So now I can add money to the things I lack that could be used to get nice looking nails.

I have tried fake nails, but I cannot seem to keep them on for longer than even a day *cough cough, prom*, or if I’m lucky, maybe two or three. I happened to come across these wonderful things in the fingernail polish section at WalMart.

impressThese nifty looking things are called Broadway ImPRESS Nail Manicures. They come in all kinds of different designs and lengths. The directions are short and to the point, prep your nails with the provided pad, peel the backs off of the nails you bought, and firmly press them onto your own.

For about six dollars, you can have awesome looking nails for at least seven days. Mine lasted over a week, but they recommend wear for only one week, so I peeled them off. By the time seven days rolled up, only about two of the nails had gotten a little bit wiggly. I also had a few compliments on them, and was even asked where I got them done at.

As much as I would love to only sing its praises, these nails left colored glue on my nails after being removed. All in all, I would still recommend it for anyone else who loves having cute nails, but lacks the time, money, and abilities.