‘If I Stay’ hits theaters, breaks hearts

new-if-i-stay-movie-posterKerrigan Arnold

There are many teenage romance movies that are just that – teenage romance; they don’t quite grab the attention of those who are past the age of cute notes that determine whether “he likes you” or not. However, in the movie “If I Stay”, there is more than what one would expect from a movie aimed towards girls who are ready to shed a tear or two.

In this movie, the main character Mia (Chloë Grace Moretz) is faced with a difficult decision that approaches her on what was supposed to be a fun-filled snow day with her parents Kat (Mireille Enos) and Denny (Joshua Leonard) and her little brother, Teddy (Jakob Davies). However, would there even be a movie if things always went as planned?

The movie takes a turn and leaves Mia with a hard decision of whether she wants to stay and face whatever her new life will throw at her or go, saying goodbye to all that she once loved.

The movie switches between reality and flashbacks, which at times, can be a tad confusing. Throughout the movie, the audience sees some of the brightest moments in Mia’s life, as well as the darkest ones. Viewers see Mia’s relationship with Adam (Jamie Blackley) blossom. Adam is her first boyfriend and upcoming musician for the band Willamette Stone. However, those who read the book will notice a slight difference between the book and the movie.

In the book, If I Stay by Gayle Forman, the name of Adam’s band is originally called Shooting Star. Another difference involves the replica of the Julliard ceiling that Adam hung on Mia’s ceiling. This change really added to the movie by showing Adam’s affection for Mia.

However, that seems to be the only relationship that the movie really focuses on. In the book, readers get to see all aspects of every relationship Mia has, especially with her family and friends. The movie only shows little snippets of those other relationships, just nothing that really grabs a hold of the heart like the book was able to do.

Putting aside the few changes, this movie was well put together along with the music, casting, acting, and all the big works that go into movie making. Even for those who are not in to chick flicks, this movie breaks through the walls of a normal girly romance and is definitely worth the watch.