International recruiting helps lift athletics

By Dexter Ballay


Out of Crowder’s 29 soccer players 22 are International students.

Out of Crowder’s 29 soccer players 22 are International students.

One of Crowder’s greatest strengths is its diversity throughout the campus, something that a lot of colleges don’t focus on. One reason for this diversity is the athletic program does their best to recruit international athletes to improve each sport. Crowder should recruit even more international athletes to improve our already impressive diversity and further our teams to be the best they can be.

There are many advantages towards having a more diverse campus. Of course, meeting different people is a plus. This helps people get used to others they are not accustomed to meeting. Another advantage could be having different views on topics that can open students’ eyes when hearing from others that have had a completely different make up and have been raised differently.

Another reason is that it widens the recruiting area. It increases the capabilities of the team for the upcoming season and not just having more unique and different personalities to help the growth of the team. It increases talent and allows teams to possibly get farther in the season and reach higher goals.

“The path to come play here at Crowder is easier for them than a lot of schools,” said Brad Smith, the head soccer coach who’s had many years of experience recruiting.

International students may be furthering education in a way they might not get otherwise. Athletics gives some an outlet to build a future and improve their life for the future. 

When asked about if there was a rule about international students playing, Smith said, “There used to be a rule on the number of students you could have.”

A consequence for recruiting more athletes could be the money part of it. The expenses of paying for these students could hurt the colleges ability to spend money on other extracurricular activities.

These students make our school better as a whole. They increase our diversity, talent, and allow them to increase their knowledge to further them for the future.