International Insight: Power of a dream

Fata Fall

Fata Fall

Fata Fall

Senegal is a small country near Mali, Mauritania, and Gambia on the west coast of Africa with a population of about 14 million people. One-fourth of the people live in the capital city of Dakar and about 75% of the people live in the rural country.

Being near the Atlantic Ocean, the air is clean and we have only two seasons similar to spring and summer. We have nine months (October-June) of sunshine and solar energy could be a great alternative energy source for electricity in rural towns.

My father’s house in Dakar has two solar panels. When I was about 6 years old, I helped him fix them. At first, I did not know very much, but kept trying to do better.

While studying in a religious school in a neighboring city, Touba, I began to understand what I really wanted to do with my life. I started to love solar energy more and more, and it became my passion. In 2013, I graduated from high school, but I never knew I would be here in the United States fulfilling my dream.

I have a two-part dream. First, I want to provide a better source of electricity for my country by using solar energy.

My country does not have enough oil for generators to provide dependable electrical current to our homes and service is interrupted. Solar energy is a natural, inexpensive source that can provide more consistent electricity to homes.

Secondly, I want to help my country by creating new employment opportunities for the youth. Senegalese youth are very hard workers, but we need more employment.

I want to work for an American solar energy company that can partner with the Senegalese government to build another company in my country. If we can build affordable solar panels in my country, then citizens in the rural areas can have a more dependable energy source.

Because every country in Africa faces the same situation, I want to make this possible for everyone.

At Crowder College, I have met great people who are helping me realize my dream. My goal is to earn my Associate’s in Alternative Energy—Solar and a certificate in Construction Technology.

The Senegalese people are counting on me to bring solar energy back to them. I believe in my dream, and I believe I am the man who can bring this power to my people.

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