International students break big records

The international students have grown on Crowder campus this year. International students travel from all over the world to experience life in the United States. You’ve probably found international students walking all over campus because there has been a significant increase of enrolled students. These students come from all over such as places like: Brazil, Egypt, and Mexico. This year there are 75 current students. Last year there was a total of 62 students. More countries have also been represented this year.blankmap-world-noborders

The international students program does many amazing thing for these students to help them experience the best life here at Crowder. Their retention efforts include: proactive advising, skills sessions, group activities, friendship families, volunteer opportunities, bike-rental program, and many more.

Friendship families is a new program this year. This allows students to gain a “family” while in the United States studying at Crowder College. Families will help check on the students, help with their needs (if needed), invite them for dinner, and enjoy family outings. Friendship families are a huge factor in the students’ lives. The program’s Rent-a-Bike program is another effort to help students get around Neosho. Students can rent a bike from the program to travel around to go to the store, a friend’s house, or even to the movie theater. This allows students to get off of campus and to experience life outside of Crowder. Students are not required to participate in this program, but are encouraged to do so to get the best experience here as possible.

Sarah Horine, International Program Coordinator and Advisor, said, “I believe that some of the most beneficial aspects would be that we are able to learn other cultures through each of these students and their experiences.  I love that they are brave, bold, kind, and willing to learn.  My hope is that we develop a bridge of sharing that will allow all students (domestic and international) the opportunity to learn, be inspired, and reach out of their comfort zones.”

International students keep growing in numbers every year, and with programs expanding like these then they will continue to grow.