Journalism major hopes to become a sportswriter

Q&A: Derek Shore

By Megan Murphy


Derek Shore’s passion for sports drives his goals of being a sportswriter. dsc_1284


Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Derek. I’m from Cassville, graduated in 2016. I’ve got one older brother and one dog.

Why did you choose Crowder College?

Because tuition is easy to pay off, and it’s the closest to my hometown.

What are you majoring in?


Why did you choose to major in journalism?

I’ve been a writer for the past three-four years, and it’s been a passion of mine for that time.

What are some of your hobbies?

My favorite hobby is going to games and covering those. And keeping track of baseball stats.

What would you like to do with your degree after Crowder?

I hope to become a sportswriter with this degree and just see where that takes me.

Any particular sport you’d like to cover?

In general, I can cover every sport, but my preference is baseball.

What inspires you?

Always looking ahead.

Where was your favorite place in your hometown?

Going to McDonald’s to hang out with friends; playing basketball there.

What was your favorite high school class?

Sports Management.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?

St. Louis, because of the Cardinals.

What kinds of music do you like?

Everything, pretty much.