Little Caesars: Playground of confusion

By Jesse O Walls
Managing Editor

little caesars logo

Little Caesars was the pizza of my childhood; the best pizza when I was young, and I was ecstatic when I heard the news that Caesars was opening once again in Neosho. However, with time comes change and needless to say, Caesars was far from the pizza place I once loved during childhood.

Expecting a nostalgic trip down memory lane, I waited 10 minutes for a cashier to take my order as they played with their registers, seeming unprepared for customers.

After placing my order, I was told it would be another 10 minute wait. Feeling that wasn’t too long, I decided I would wait around for my order.

I watched as customers came in who had already ordered, expecting their pizzas to be done, and that’s when the real confusion began.

Cooks from the back started bringing pizzas to the front counter, asking customers if it was part of their order. Cashiers started questioning customers about the contents of their order. It seemed very disorganized.

Almost all the employees seemed lost and confused, with no clue of what was going on. If not for the customers tirelessly repeating their orders, I feel nothing would have gotten accomplished, save for making pizzas at random in hopes that they fit someone’s order.

Once the order was “finished,” which was about 20 minutes later, it was incomplete. Part of my order had been overlooked by the cooks and I had to wait an additional 10 minutes just to get my complete order. At first I had been told ten minutes and in the end waited more than half an hour.

Fearing my initial judgement may have been a little harsh, I decided to give Caesars a second chance to redeem themselves. I returned exactly a week later and placed the same order I had my previous visit. Unfortunately though, I was met with even more confusion and this time some of the employees were rude and uncooperative. Their service was still as poor, if not worse.

The food, on the other hand, was a different story. The pizza was still remarkably excellent, and for the price it was a great deal. I would rate the quality above such places as Cheezies, where quantity outshines quality. For only a couple dollars more, Caesars offers both at a great price.

In the end, however, the quality wanes when considering the experience. Caesars may have been the pizza of my childhood, but if the service does not improve, I’ll consider Caesars a memory better left to remember.