Longwell Museum receives donation

Nathan Gamble



T he pictures and uniforms were originally donated to Steve Roark by Lynn McHale, daughter of William Martin, former athletic director and Camp Crowder.  Steve Roark then donated them to the Longwell Museum.

            “We’re excited about a new donation we got to the Longwell Museum; we received an original Camp Crowder baseball jersey,” said Drew Young, Fine Arts Events Coordinator. “We’re really excited to be able to showcase a little bit of Crowder history.”longwell

The Longwell Museum at Crowder College was established in 1970 as a teaching museum in the Elsie Plaster Community Center on the Neosho Campus.  It was built with the intent to educate students on the rich traditions of our Ozark culture, according to the Crowder web site.

One of the museum’s biggest exhibits is its permanent Camp Crowder collection. The collection contains over 5,000 photographs and negatives, original training text manuscripts,  correspondence and records the showcase crowders history during World War II.

Recently a time capsule was donated to Crowder College, the time capsule contained two baseball uniforms and about 50 photographs.   Before Crowder College, Camp Crowder held 45,000 troops and was a training facility during World War II.