Manage time wisely

Time to party. clocks-1098080_960_720 That’s usually the one thing college students and even adults do not have. So, how can college students and adults balance their time this holiday season when family, friends, and even other colleagues want all their time? Here are some helpful tips to help balance life to make this holiday the best:

  1. Get your school work caught up and done early. School can be a huge stress factor. Teachers and professors are bound to give “weekend homework” because it’s not like students don’t get enough of that, right? So, to help yourself enjoy the weekend with no stress factors, get your work done early to provide yourself a weekend of homework-free paradise.
  2. Don’t spread yourself too thin. If you have tons of friends who all want to get together on Thanksgiving or any of the upcoming holidays, learn to say no. If you do not have the drive or time to hang out, just say no. Family should come before friends. If family time is planned, do yourself a favor and save the arguments and fights later and spend time with family. The holidays are meant to be spent together, so give yourself a break and enjoy some family time with the people whom you love.
  3. Half the time with in-laws and your blood-related family. As a newlywed myself, I learned that you can’t spend the entire time with just one side of the family without the other side just being a little bit bitter about it. If possible, and this may not work for everyone because people live far away and have their own in-laws, but take the time to spend time with both sides of your spouse’s family. It will help everyone get the best of both worlds and your spouse will be happy to spend a little time with their family too.

The holidays are meant to be cherished. These are where the memories happen. Arguments, fights, and contentions should never be involved. The homework, hatred, and poor planning of time can affect holidays drastically. So, to keep your holidays super fun and light-hearted, just be yourself, have fun, and manage your time wisely.