Mobile apps benefit students

By: Bobby Clark


Cell phones play a huge part iIphone WordPress picturen the day to day lives of college students. Students spend most of their spare time looking at their phones, and it’s understandable considering all of the cool and popular apps on the market right now.

The top mobile apps are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but if you’re looking for something more educational, Travis Christensen, an Educational Technology Assistant at Crowder College, suggests Evernote.

“Evernote is an app and a program that is continuously changing,” said Christensen. “You can take a picture of a power point and save it to a notebook for classes. You can also link the calendar on your phone to Evernote to take notes based on events in your calendar.”

Evernote is an app that allows students to take notes on their computer or cellphone for classes. The app allows a person to create notebooks for different classes to keep everything more organized.

“Everybody at Crowder has the Blackboard Learn app available to them,” said Christensen.

On more of a broader app standpoint, Christensen also suggests a flashlight app.

Cell phones play a big part in what students do every day whether it’s social media, educational or just playing games to pass time.

“I use my phone for everything,” said Alex Sheppert, a student at Crowder. “I use it to keep in touch with friends, listen to music and play games. There’s an app for all of the things I do on my phone. The main apps I use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Hello.”

Hello is a text messaging app on Android devices that replaces the normal texting application and allows a basic text messaging feel with some iPhone features.