New speech and debate coach begins semester

New speech and debate coach begins semester

By Kaylee Starks

Crowder has gained a new speech and debate coach this year. Kristen Stout is a speech teacher at the college as well as Missouri State University in Springfield. She is very excited for the season and can’t wait to start working with the college students.

Stout has been involved with speech and debate in her previous years of debateteaching high school students as well as her own high school career.

“After five years working at the high school level I was ready for a new challenge, and this is definitely it!” she said. “I love the atmosphere and culture on campus and knew that debate could make that even richer. The combination of public speaking classes and debate is perfect for me and my passion for advocacy through speech.”

Speech and debate is an international program in which students in high school and college can build their skills to become better leaders in the world.

“Speech and debate has prepared me for life outside of school more than any other class or activity.” said Logan Johns, a freshman at the college. “It has taught me how to problem solve, analyze, and research. My public speaking skills are much more developed, and I feel prepared for most situations where I have to work with others or take a leadership position.”

Speech and debate lasts the entire school year. The students travel to different cities all over the United States. Stout accepted this debate coach task with full force. She said she is delighted to be able to be with the students and help them grow in their society.

“I am not sure it is possible to describe how excited (and competitive) I get about tournaments.” she said.“Debate is an academic activity first, but I really like to win.  I may or may not have carried our first plaque around in my backpack for a….while.  I am determined to make sure that everyone in the country knows who Crowder College is based on our debate skill and expertise.”

Speech and debate involves much student participation. There are many fun hours of practicing, rehearsing and researching. Students interested can join by contacting Kristen Stout at