Nontraditional Vermont Native Studies Pre-Engineering at Crowder

By Kourtney Keith

Are you from the neosho area?
No I’m originally from Vermont.

Did you know that Crowder was the college that you were going to go to?
I had no idea but it was affordable and my parents live nearby so it makes it pretty cheap.

What is your major?
Pre engineering.

What high school did you attend?
I did not attend a high school, instead I got a high school diploma. Vermont has a program for people who didn’t go to high school to get their diploma.

What made you want to go into that course?
Because I like to know how things are built and how they work.

What is your favorite part of college so far and why?
Making new friends because people are fascinating, they all have interesting perspectives on life and think about things in different, new ways. I like being exposed to a variety of different people and trying to figuring out how they think is incredible.

What is your least favorite part of college, why?
Well, I really like college so homework I guess because I don’t do it and then feel bad.

What was another major that you thought about going into?
Computer science.

Why didn’t you?
Because I didn’t know I liked it as much as I did until later, also the process to change my major was a little bit more complicated than I wanted to be bothered with.

What is your goal to be doing 5 years from now?
Realistically I’d like to be financially dependent with a successful computer game, software or app for phones and also be able to travel and see the world.