Notes from the Newsroom: Walk a mile in my shoes

By Jesse O. Walls

I was having a conversation with one of my editors the other day, when we started discussing how easily people judge instead of trying to understand others. Truth is we live in a world where people pass judgment quickly and consider others less and less, especially those who are different.

After this conversation, I got to thinking about the old saying “never judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” How many times in life do we judge, not considering another’s point of view or their trials and tribulations in life? Could we learn something from taking the time to walk that mile?

My friend was telling me how she wants to travel the world and not be a tourist, but experience life as the locals do. She wants to walk that mile, to take the time to understand their life and their lifestyle.

Could we not apply that same logic to our everyday lives? Could we not humble ourselves and consider others and accept them as they are, rather than being quick to judge?

I believe many things could be eliminated it we took the time, if we honestly stopped thinking about ourselves constantly and considered others. Prejudice and hate would be a mere memory, violence and greed could be forgotten—love, kindness and charity could finally reign supreme.

Think about it. If we had to walk that mile, would we not be more willing to help those in need? Would we not be more willing to accept those who are different?

Next time judgment seems the simplest path, take the time to walk that extra mile. Trust me, it’s worth it.